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R I have to sk what yr doing on DL when you describe guys naking out as wrong, revolting and disrespectful?

It will be interesting to see if they include a steam room considering the Astor Place one doesn't have one. Ironically, it's been my experience that the Chelsea locations is one of the least cruisy. Nfl cheerleaders bloopers. Anytime fitness sex. Most gyms in LA are too dirty for this kind of shit. Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Nov That steamroom has such a variety of mans, I could live there taking it from a different type of guy each day.

Yes, R, and that's very important. R, You're obviously not familiar with the classy, femme and FIT variety of woman up for a lesbian fling.

Anytime fitness sex

Just sit with it for a little while and breathe. I work out at home, so have only been to the gym once in my entire life guest of a friend. What's the definitive list of cruisiest NYSCs, and what time do you need to go to see some action? Stop it with your powers of persuasion, and then get back to us. But you'll be fine. Mahima chaudhary nipples. Also in my car in downtown Denver. They used to have a maintenance guy who was obsessed with sniffing out any kind of sexual activity and he caught them.

Apparently these two weren't hot enough to play in their steam room. That's a major success. The locker room attendant at Equinox at 19th St. But, I heard he gets his cock sucked by another male member, who claims to be straight. He tried to get me to come down to his club location, pose as a prospective new member, and let him take me on a tour of the gym for appearances' sake.

Billing question, will appreciate being contacted. One of the biggest trolls in NYC named 'kind troll' has streams of complaints about him for ankle grabbing, following men and jerking off, opening shower curtains etc.

It's laughable that people like R can't even begin to comprehend that the goal for equal rights is far beyond gay marriage. They don't care so long as nobody complains.

It doesn't strike me as a particularly gay gym either. He sounded hot, but I never took him up on it. Sometimes I like a little show.

If you get caught sucking cock at the gym, can't you just argue that you were also giving your mouth a work out? Apparently in the past few months they've all entered into committed relationships or become celibate or something. I was in the sauna when he was JOing and a straight guy who was in there freaked out.

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Hunched up old men with wood is not pretty. I was offended until I realized the managers who work there probably have a second grade reading level. Hot female celebs naked. I've had fun there on a few occasions - and I've walked in on others doing the same.

As he came over I said "hey I think we are the last two in the club" and laughed a little to break the ice. I've actually wondered how someone can lose their membership, etc. God there are a least four guys in the building across from me who I've fucked. Anytime fitness sex. R, if you go back to that Equinox gym steam room, be careful you don't slip on the nacreous layer of permacum. R we noticed, but he is an old fat troll so we quickly looked away and then washed out our eyes. Anonymous Daniel monillas 2 days ago This place is scams people.

Fat, sweaty gay men. Harlem location, but they're all into each other.

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I am sure they can handle up to 34 inches. Shirley fuentes sex video. Same gym, different time. Hes name is Jeff Frankinstine he dont deserve to repersent your company. It explains why they were named NY's Best Gym. He's on the femme side, but has a beautiful body. It's hard to believe, at least when it comes to some of the gyms in NYC that are essentialy glorified bath houses, that they're clueless.

None were attractive, though, and only a few were probably looking for anything. I closed my eyes to ignore him, in about 5 minutes he had inched closer and had his hand on my ankle.

Lots of hot "strait" guys strut their stuff there. Simeon panda nude. Number of people nearly doubling at homeless shelter with Camp Hope move. A Marine-looking blond guy came in, took one look at the hard-ons, and went to complain to the front desk.

They sent me an invitation to reactivate it for less than a hundred dollars a year, fixed on renewal. His locker was next three down from mine so he was right near me. I had moved to Iowa for a short period of time, I notified the representative who got me signed up of this on the day I was registered. Banged a couple girls on the beach before - there's usually a few couples down there going at it on a Saturday night so gotta watch your step.

Management was well aware of what was going on in the steam room and I'd see him in there at least once a week. This week I started going to a location in NYC near my job, and I can't believe the amount of sex that goes on. A gym where you'd expect there to be a ton of crusing and hooking up is 19th St. Well, you know what I mean It's a necessary and worthwhile job - I'm just glad it's no longer mine.

Yes 0 No 0. He then changes his mind and says he'd probably stay and just go about his business. I would bump into them around town. Someone asked that the NYSC troll thread be revived The problem is that I have a meaty ass and big thighs from doing squats, so they don't wrap fully around my upper legs. He said he doubts that goes on in the gym where he trains, one of the Bally's clubs in NYC.

Otherwise the gym might lose significant membership! Full blast orgies in the suanas, steam rooms, showers almost daily. Now that is something to complain about. They're both straight and good guys and the conversation was just so matter of fact, which made it so hot.

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