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Is it that even her followers think she's straight trash and chose not to support her by buying it? Here's a preview of the episode from the girl who made the petition to get her off FB https: SF Getbig V Posts: At the least, I'm sure no matter on your political beliefs, I'm sure all of us can agree that he has some personality traits that are a bit eccentric than not.

These guys really took and posted nude pics? I hope she uses a load of sunscreen. Though if anyone has any, it could be a thread idea with potential. Naked ladies tumbler. I watched their vids the other night and went to her instagram and tbh this is a shitshow i'd love to follow. Jason genova nudes. Patreon checks the card to see if it is valid but does not deduct the fee immediately which allows people to use gift cards with insufficient funds to access content.

Jun 24, Messages: You know, just for the hell of it? Horse StyleMay 2, A couple of girls posted a 45 minute podcast the other day exposing her and it's pretty milky. She annoys me so much I posted about her in the jvlogger thread in snow. He even was interviewed by the news. Probably he is faking his own dead. I'm collecting screenshots of posts of interest for a good start. Milf tanned tits. I feel kinda bad because apparently she has autism, but listening to her ramble vlogs are somewhat interesting.

He's basically a celebrity for the new millennium. Who fucking films themselves shooting up? Originally Posted by rado They call that. Made some more additions to Cliffs, adding more video links, some screenshots and new developments. I think everyone else should accept that and take all this itchy trigger finger to temp cow.

He should be bringing pigeons on stage. It's pretty milky atm. Maybe separate would be too much? Nakedness is not necessary to stage that; the organisers will probably go with a small towel around his underwear area. Admin gave us a gift with that Mystery thread, but that's because she was an obnoxious bitch and blogposter. Why does she have camgirls up in arms tho? I've been following her for years. I feel like she always has something new drama wise but not experienced enough to make a thread.

Has this angle been posted yet??

Jason genova nudes

Idk what that is but Stephanie is 30 years old.

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There's a rumor going around that she is the reason Segovia Amil left the Internet. Just very stupid and delusional, I'm pretty sure the Genovapedia explores that. Hot 60 year old women nude. Lord, she lost her mind. A friend linked me this video. Now she seems to be your typical wannabe tumblr "sex worker".

ChristopherA Getbig V Posts: FitnessFrenzy Getbig V Gender: If enough people are interested, we could start a thread for her? None of them use towels and their sweating like fcuk. Superior Admiral Join Date: Read the rules and stop with this VF shit on every post.

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And I'm sure there's more. I doubt she even looked, because that's what a rescue would have done. Jason genova nudes. It's similar to how the Renaissance wasn't even defined until centuries after it happened. The more I dig, the more dirt I find. Lesbian domination porn pics. I feel kinda bad because apparently she has autism, but listening to her ramble vlogs are somewhat interesting.

Because, not creating a thread just to not give her attention, whilst avidly discussing her shit in here is stupid IMO. Who the fuck is Jason Genova? You can also tell Cassidy never fit in with other girls growing up and has never left the rebellion stage typical narcissist stagnancyso she wants to group all these girls together and be "the leader", "organizer", "the boss bitch".

Results 1, to 1, of Best not to give him and them yet another platform. It's the strangest shit show I've ever witnessed. She also use to flash her bra and tits to every male in the neighborhood regardless of how young they were, as well as encouraging other younger females to do the same, well into her teen years because "it was funny". That Anon is incredibly pissed that people used to humor Wildchild until recently, when the majority of lolcord told them to take a break and focus on their mental health instead of spamming the server.

Created a new era for post-Ruby events in Cliff Notes, "The Year of the Monkey Prick" and all events to this date have now been updated. Who fucking films themselves shooting up? More like a nihilistic bitch. This chick changes her user name all the time. I'll probably start a thread tomorrow, he's worth watching. Pinay nude porn. Publicly shamed her own fans for calling her scumbag ex who she publicly claimed emotionally abused her and basically wrote an album about a scumbag.

But considering how many jvlogger threads there are, maybe it would be good. When someone on Urban Dictionary created a definition for SG, a member felt the need to create another definition saying that they're totes not pro-ana guiez, just people striving to better themselves by starving. Unfortunately, he isn't, and everything about him and his girlfriend's work is completely trite and uninspired.

I follow her on twitter but never see too much, lots of retweeting fan's pics and reposting stuff from her store. I offer to start with kittyhoney if anyone else is interested. Originally Posted by Serendipitouskiss. Wouldn't a relationship like this be illegal? I knew it was out there but haven't ever seen any, never been around during a raid or anything like that.

And it shits this thread up. Sometimes we suppress it, but not everyone can meet it face to face.

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Created a new era for post-Ruby events in Cliff Notes, "The Year of the Monkey Prick" and all events to this date have now been updated. Sex stories litrotica. And I think the reason she fucked up her face was because her face was basically always fucked up, she had super low self esteem bc of her nose and lips since forever.

I've seen this dudes music video before and it's popped up on Reddit in the cringe reddits quite often. Matthew went to the UFC guy gym but a few hours before and practically escaped when a friend of the UFC champion was making fun of him saying he would call his friend since Matthew showed up early. Sweet nude photos JPG I know this one has some real milk. A thread in snow would be cool. It is constantly being derailed by 12 year olds lol.

A lot of potential. She needs to get called out for being a pretentious bitch. Jason genova nudes. Girl is ruining her life. We already know that he's an annoying troll and I highly doubt if he does come back, that any of us will welcome him with open arms which is kind of why your vendetta here is a moot point.

Like standing on the busy street outside of her apartment and trying to pick fights.

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Mark spitz naked Isn't there a thread about instahoes already? Just move on, and post in the correct board.
60 plus milfs photos They think they're on some next level shit, but they're about ten years too late.
AMATEUR GIRL PUSSY PICS Would love a thread on her.

You'll like it:

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